Lawyer Resources

We work with law firms and their clients across Canada

They like our no-nonsense pro-active approach in assisting them and their clients to ensure that their insurance house is in order.

We are available to assist with any type project including:

  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Opinion and Testimony
  • Clients with U.S. or foreign operations
  • Review of client’s insurance program
  • Advice on expansions, mergers and acquisitions
  • New venture insurance requirements
  • Construction Projects
  • Contract Reviews
  • Environmental Concerns
  • Frustration with an existing insurance provider
  • Insurance terms and conditions in a lease or mortgage
  • Questions of coverage and alternatives with an existing insurance policy.
  • Concern that your client may be inadequately insured,
  • Administration of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or Proposal (RFP)

If you would like to receive more detail on these or other services, click on the eye logo on this page to send an e-mail.