Lender Resources

Commercial buildings make good collateral for a lender.
They make even better collateral when properly insured against damage and destruction.

Lenders know they should care about property insurance, but they and their legal advisors often don’t understand exactly what to care about, and why.

A Canadian study found that when companies face catastrophic loss:

  • 43 percent never reopen
  • 51 percent close down in less than two years due to business redirection or misdirection
  • Only 6 percent of companies survive

We work with a variety of lenders and mortgagees including chartered banks, insurance companies, pension funds and mortgage companies.

They like our no-nonsense proactive approach in assisting them and their clients to ensure that their client’s insurance house is in order.

We are available to assist with any type project including:

  • Review of mortgagor’s insurance program
  • Advice on mergers and acquisitions
  • New venture insurance requirements
  • Construction Projects
  • Contract Review
  • Environmental Concerns
  • If you would like to receive more detail on these or other services, click on the eye logo on this page to send an e-mail.

We can also provide a study paper on insurance concerns for lenders.