Public Entities

Public Entity Projects
(References available on request – 40 to date)

  • Cities, Towns and Townships
  • Community Living Associations
  • Government Agencies
  • Port Authorities
  • Major National Sports Organizations
  • College & University Student Associations and Unions
  • Duty-Free operators
  • Bridge Authorities

Why Use a Consultant?

Quite simply to help you do what you may not be equipped to do alone.

Insurance is complicated. There are numerous insurance companies and brokers. How to pick the right combination is difficult. How to ensure that you have the right insurance coverage can be an overwhelming challenge. Comparing insurers, brokers and policies will be overwhelming to most people, but manageable for an experienced consultant. We can walk with you through these issues.

Typical Project Components

  1. Prepare the RFP documents
  2. Prepare project time lines.
  3. Identify gaps in your requirements.
  4. Examine your current insurance program, identify potential risks and shortcomings and advise on how to manage them, either using various risk management techniques, risk financing, insurance or internal resources.
  5. Preparation of broker invitations, evaluate responses and assist in short-listing.
  6. Conduct an analysis of the Insurance Broker Proposals and provide a Coverage by Coverage Comparison of the proposals and a report on how they measure up to your RFP requirements as well as industry standards and best practices.
  7. Check broker references.
  8. Conduct interview with selected broker(s).