About Us

Robert Harder ARM has been providing insurance consulting services for over 30 years.

Company Founder and Principal 

It is our goal to provide objective, accurate, thorough and professional insurance and risk management consulting. We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to be totally committed to our clients, and wherever possible, situate ourselves, with shirtsleeves rolled up, on our client’s side of the desk.

Why Robert Harder?

Robert Harder, ARM has been working with businesses and organizations for over 30 years solving problems and addressing risk and insurance issues.

He is a member, and current president, of the Risk Management Consultants of Ontario, a member of the Ontario Risk and Insurance Management Society and a director of the Society of Risk Management Consultants (U.S.).

Mr. Harder has considerable experience with a variety of industries and organizations is respected and highly regarded within the insurance and risk consulting communities.

Robert Harder is also a Hospitality Insurance Specialist. Numerous hospitality clients, including some of the largest properties in the Niagara Region, rely on his expertise. (References available)

Robert Harder has been a professor of Risk Management in the BAB(H) – Bachelor of Applied Business in the Hospitality program at Niagara College. (3rd year course)

Lawyers use Robert Harder to help solve insurance problems for their clients, as well as for themselves.

Accountants rely on Robert Harder to address insurance issues for their clients and for their own practices.

For several years, Robert Harder has been an Expert Witness assisting both plaintiffs and defendants with insurance litigation. (References available)

Lenders use Robert Harder to review the insurance programs of their large borrowers

Trustees in bankruptcy, receivers, monitors and insolvency and restructuring practitioners rely on Robert Harder’s expertise to solve insurance problems for businesses in receivership or in court protection under CCAA.

You will enjoy Robert’s confidence, experience and expertise, as you take the mystery out of your insurance administration.
We actively participate in Professional Associations, and their Continuing Education programs, including,

    • SRMC – Society of Risk Management Consultants
    • RIMS – Risk and Insurance Management Society
    • CRMI – Certified Risk Managers International (The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research